Weapons Infrastructure

Significant improvements to our facilities, infrastructure, and equipment enable our multidisciplinary workforce to solve our nation’s most complex stockpile stewardship concerns.  

WI equipment

WCI’s Weapons Infrastructure (WI) enables facility-based capability sustainment and delivery; modernizes nuclear weapons program equipment; and performs nuclear weapon enterprise evaluation and planning. These WI capabilities directly support the execution of LLNL modernization programs, annual assessment processes, and the Stockpile Stewardship Program.

WI recapitalizes program equipment by planning, providing resources, and executing projects to modernize capabilities and the mission facilities that underpin the science and technology required to execute weapons program missions.

Top view animation of facility.
The Weapons Infrastructure program planned and directed the execution of an area plan over 36 months to enable critical manufacturing work in support of weapons engineering (pictured is work conducted in fall 2020).

WI is responsible for the infrastructure that stimulates innovation, collaboration, and program integration for our highly skilled staff across core weapons programs and support organizations to execute national security objectives. WI personnel encompass a wide breadth of subject matter expertise, including physicists, engineers, computer scientists, mathematicians, and business analysts. WI supports stockpile sustainment, weapons experiments, high explosives at Site 200 and Site 300, and weapons science, technology, and engineering.

Strategic Partnerships with NNSA and DOD

As NNSA's principal point of contact for WCI infrastructure activities, WI uses science-based infrastructure stewardship to meet mission deliverables and enable LLNL’s highly specialized workforce to perform critical work in support of national security. Infrastructure strategic vision, long-term planning, and timely project execution are essential to maintain LLNL’s cutting-edge national security and science efforts.

WI supports NNSA and LLNL policymakers by performing nuclear weapons enterprise modeling for stockpile, infrastructure, and workforce equities at both the Laboratory and Nuclear Security Enterprise scale. WI also manages the LLNL Safety, Infrastructure, and Operations portfolio for nuclear weapons capabilities and serves as the Planning, Programming, Budget, and Execution lead with NNSA for the Laboratory’s infrastructure.