Welcome to the FAQ for PACT!

PACT is the environment and toolkit that we use to create portable applications, and to create functionality not readily available. PACT is our environment of choice for handling unique data, portable computing environments, and the distributed computing arenas; and for converting data for the visualization application or algorithm of choice. We have created PACT to shield ourselves from new software, and hardware so we can concentrate on the applications at hand. PACT is beginning to emphasize design that takes advantage of massively parallel environments.

We would like to hear of your experiences with PACT. And, we would be especially pleased to try to add your mathematical, graphical, or other functionality to future distributions of PACT.

Absolute portability is our GOAL!

Most of the time we install PACT without problems, the other times take varying amounts of effort to track down. Usually the problems are simple, such as missing headers. If your experience with PACT is not absolute portability, we would like to hear from you so we can try to make it so. Please direct all portability issues to: -or-

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is PACT?

PACT stands for Portable Application Code Toolkit. It is a self-contained set of tools which support developing and using portable programs particularly scientific and engineering applications. It attacks several portability problem areas: PACT is composed of several (currently nine) specific packages each of which address a specific functionality.


2) What machines does PACT run on?

PACT has been tested on the following systems:


3) Where can I get PACT?

pact-unix.README explains how to install PACT and pactyy_mm_dd-src is the self configuring, self installing distribution file.


4) How can I get in touch with PACT developers and users?

The PACT team has setup a Majordomo based mailing list for users of PACT. You can subscribe to it by sending the following message to You can contact the PACT developers by sending to index

5) What are the PACT packages?

PACT is held together by a system of C shell scripts called the manager. The PACT manager can also be used by other code systems to assist with source maintenance and control.

For questions and comments, please contact the PACT Development Team.
Last Updated: 02/03/2010
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