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Welcome to the TART
Monte Carlo Transport Code Home Page

If you are looking for radiation transport codes or nuclear and atomic data, you've found it.

This website contains papers relating to the TART Code and the nuclear and atomic data it uses, as well as links to where you can obtain related codes and nuclear and atomic data.

Over 1,000 TART input decks and results for Critical Assemblies; CRITS (Version 2005-1) is part of TART2005 CD and is Internationally available through code centers.

Included on this site are Monte Carlo Transport Codes and Methods; TART - Neutron - Photon 3-D Monte Carlo Transport.

Documentation, codes and data are obtainable from local code centers. Some are now available on-line at the IAEA, Vienna and Austria.

Tutorials are accessible from within Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Reference: "Use and Misuse of Reflectors," UCRL-ID-135416, August 1999.

Feedback is very important! Does this site meet your needs? If not, why not? Please contact the Point of Contact listed below and he will try to update this site to better meet your needs.

TART Point of Contact

Dr. Richard Procassini
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, L-095
Livermore, CA 94551
(925) 424-4095

TART is the work of:
Dr. Dermott E. Cullen

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