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AX Division Projects
National Ignition Facility Target Design                                      NIF Logo

Design and Analysis of ICF Hohlraum Physics Experiments
The Nova Laser
Hohlraum Dynamics and Symmetry
Capsule Implosions
3D HYDRA Simulation (mpg ~17 MB or mpg ~40 MB Version) of a NIF Ignition Target
Simulation Details
3-D HYDRA Simulation of the Motion of Materials in a Cylindrical NIF Ignition Target
Simulation Details
Plasma Instabilities
Plasma Characterization

Ultra Short Pulse (USP) Laser Plasma Interactions
USP - Solid Interactions
The Fast Ignitor Project
Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE)
Inertial Fusion Energy (IFE)
Heavy Ion Fusion Overview
Plasma Codes & Theory
Analytic Theory
PIC Codes
Hybrid Codes
Fluid Codes
Hydrodynamics Codes
Lasnex: A 2 Dimensional ICF Simulation Code
Code Development Systems
Basis A Framework for Scientific Program Development
PACT Portable Application Code Toolkit
High Energy Density Physics
Opacity & EOS
Hydrodynamic Instabilities
Pulsed Power
X-Ray Lasers, Non LTE Physics
Spin-Off Technologies
Plasma Processing
Medical Laser Tissue Interactionss
For information, please contact the AX-Division Office or call 925-422-4642.
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