Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


All datafiles that are required to run MERCURY will be distributed with the code. The datafiles used by MERCURY are as follows:

  • MCF—Monte Carlo Files: Stores the nuclear data (cross sections, secondary distributions, etc.) for incident neutrons, gammas and light charged ions. These files are used by the Monte Carlo All Particle Method (MCAPM) library.
  • TDF—Thermonuclear Data File: Stores the thermonuclear (fusion) data (reaction rates and secondary distributions). This file is used by the TDF library.


All libraries that are required to build and run MERCURY, with the exception of certain third party libraries that cannot be redistributed, will be available in the source distribution. The following libraries are used by MERCURY:

  • MCAPM—The Monte Carlo All Particle Method library is used to model the kinematics of particle collisions and is the basic nuclear data server used by the code.
  • TDF—The Thermonuclear Data File library samples secondary distributions and reactions rates for thermonuclear reactions, using the TDF datafile.
  • CNP-RNG—The Computational Nuclear Physics Random Number Generator library provides several random number generators with periods of up to 64 bits.
  • SILO—SILO is used for portable reading and writing of scientific data files, such as MERCURY's restart and graphics dump files.
  • VisIt—VisIt is the graphical output processing tool that is used to visualize the geometry and results from MERCURY.