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BSD License

As of Version 4.8, July, 2010, the Silo source code is now available under the standard BSD Open Source License. See COPYRIGHT file for BSD notice.

The source code for two compression libraries which have been part of previous releases of the Silo library is not available under the terms of the BSD Open Source license. These are the Hzip and FPzip compression libraries.

For this reason, two different releases of the Silo source code are made available. One is the BSD Open Source release identified by the moniker 'bsd' in the distribution file names. For example, silo-4.8-bsd.tar.gz is the name of a BSD Open Source release distribution of Silo. The other is a non-Open Source release of Silo under the same licensing terms that all previous releases have been made. We call this other release a /legacy/ release. The legacy terms are repeated, below, for convenience.

Copyright (c) 1994-2010, Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC. All rights reserved. This work was produced at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory under Contract No. DE-AC52-07NA27344 with the DOE.


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Commercialization of this product is prohibited without notifying the Department of Energy (DOE) or Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL).

The BSD Open Source release distributions do not contain the Hzip and FPzip compression libraries while the legacy release distributions do. This means any objects within a Silo file containing data that is compressed with Hzip or FPzip from a legacy distribution will not be readable in a BSD distribution. Since compression features must be explicitly turned on by a Silo application, this impact can be easily mitigated by ensuring that Hzip and FPzip compression are used only for objects within Silo files not intended to be read by BSD releases.

For more information on availability of Hzip and FPzip compression, contact the developer, Peter Lindstrom,