Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

January 13, 2010

This release is to correct a couple of critical problems with the 4.7.1 release. The 4.7.1 release has been removed from the web site and uninstalled from LLNL systems. Again, apologies for the problems in the 4.7.1 release. This release has been tested and valgrind'd against its own test suite as well as with VisIt 1.12 and VisIt 2.0.

Silo 4.7.2 is link-time compatible with 4.7.1 except for codes using DB_LONG_LONG. This is because the way DB_LONG_LONG was being handled in the Silo header file had to change to correct a problem with it.

Critical bugs fixed in this release:

  • DB_LONG_LONG is no longer mapped to DB_LONG on platforms where sizeof(long)==sizeof(long long).
  • The problem where centering for Quadvars was always being treated as node centered was corrected.
  • A UMR in handling of arrays of strings in multi-block objects was corrected.

Other bugs fixed in this release:

  • Diffing data of different type in browser is now commutative.
  • Default formats for printing long and long long data in base 8/16 were corrected.
  • Missing diffing parameters for long long type were added.
  • Some leaks and a memory error were corrected in a couple of tests.
  • Overlap of src/dst in a strcpy in PDB was fixed.