Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

March 19, 2013

Obtaining Silo

Organization of information in this announcement

  1. Important information regarding this release.
  2. Bugs fixed in this release.

1. Important information regarding this release.

  • Until the release tarballs are permanently available at the URL's mentioned above (probably next week sometime), they will be temporarily available at...
  • Version 4.9.1 is link-time compatible with 4.9.
  • The VisIt plugin in VisIt 2.6.2 to be released shortly, includes bugfixes related to nameschemes.
  • In some cases, passing a 'make check' requires adding 'LIBS=-lstdc++' to the make command line (e.g., 'make check LIBS=-lstdc++'.
  • The rocket test will fail during 'make check' on OSX. I've yet to learn how to handle dlopen and shared libs there. For similar reasons, Silo's python module has yet to be tested on a OSX.

2. Bugs fixed in this release

  • Relative paths to external array references in nameschemes were fixed.
  • A bug where poorly defined namescheme strings could cause segmentation violations was fixed.
  • Argument checking for empty objects was relaxed significantly to make it easier for existing clients to push them.