Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important enhancements and bug-fixes that were added to this release.

  • A bug was fixed where VisIt would crash when saving images in screen capture mode.
  • A bug was fixed where scalable rendering (the parallel rendering mode) would leave out portions of the data set under a variety of conditions, including zooming in too far or clipping away part of the data set.
  • A bug was fixed where a slice that lay between two, flat domain boundaries could lead to a double contribution (one from each boundary). The images from VisIt were basically unaffected, but integrations (Weighted Variable Sums) and2D area queries were double counting.
  • A bug was fixed where index selecting a multi-block mesh when "Use Whole Collection" was set would index select the mesh on a per-block basis, instead ofacross the entire mesh. It now index selects across the entire mesh in that situation.
  • A bug was fixed where the GUI would crash on exit on some platforms after having opened the Volume plot attributes window.
  • A bug was fixed with the Windows installer so that it correctly set the chosen network configuration files.
  • The help files have been made available once again for the windows platform.
  • The 'change username' option in the password window on Windows no longer crashes.
  • Silex no longer crashes on start up on Windows.
  • A bug was fixed with the reading of curves with the Ultra file format reader. Previously, for a multi-curve file, if curve N+1's first point was the same as curve N's last point, then curve N+1's first point was being incorrectly discarded.
  • A bug was corrected with the Enzo file format reader, where the expressions for velocity and particle_velocity were defined incorrectly.
  • The Nek file format reader can now read meta-data for files larger than 2GB.
  • The DDCMD file format reader was enhanced to read ascii and binary format atom files.
  • Host profiles for LLNL's hera system have been added.
  • The host profiles for LLNL's juno system have been corrected to handle node names with 4 digits.
  • The source code was modified so that VisIt would compile with the gcc 4.3.x compilers.
  • A bug was fixed with VisIt's configure script where the configuration switch --with-hdf5 would attempt to locate the hdf5 library even if it was not requested or even specifically disabled.
  • The file depcomp was added to the binary distributions so that plugins could be built against the binary distributions.