Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important enhancements and bug-fixes that were added to this release.

Enhancements in version 1.12.1

  • The VizSchema database reader from the Tech-X Corporation was added.
  • Support for arbitrary polyhedral meshes was added to the Silo plugin.
  • Support for AMR meshes via Silo's Mesh Region Grouping trees was added to the Silo plugin.
  • VisIt's Tecplot writer was enhanced so it can save: 2D meshes, rectilinear meshes, and polygonal meshes. The writer was also changed so it produces files that are easier to read by a human.
  • The paraDIS and paraDIS_tecplot readers were added.
  • The Nek5000 reader was enhanced so that "NEK3D" and "version: 1.0" are no longer required at the beginning of the metadata file. They are still allowed for backward compatability with old files.
  • The basic NETCDF reader was enhanced so that the global attributes "Time" and "Cycle" are used as the time and cycle for the file when each time step is stored in a seperate NETCDF file. The previous default behavior is used when the global attributes "Time" or "Cycle" are not present. The "Time" attribute is only used if there is no array named "time", "Time" or "T".
  • The axis extents used by the Parallel Coordinates plot were displayed, but not editable. They can now be changed directly in the window.
  • Support for launching on was added.
  • ExportDatabase will now be much faster when exporting VTK files in parallel.

Bugs fixed in version 1.12.1

  • The ray-casted volume renderer no longer gets lighting queues wrong when the opacity variable is different than the color variable.
  • The ray-casted volume renderer no longer gets lighting queues wrong with non-rectilinear and non-AMR data sets.
  • A bug that sometimes caused the Windows version of VisIt to crash when connecting to a remote computer was fixed.
  • Projecting slices of vector data on rectilinear meshes to two dimensions now works correctly.
  • VisIt's Tecplot reader now tags meshes as being 1-origin for node numbers. This makes the node numbers show up as 1-origin in the Label plot and in query results.
  • VisIt's Tecplot reader has improved support for mixed dimensionality meshes, as well as supporting some new additions to the format.
  • VisIt's Contour plot was enhanced so short line segments are grouped into polylines, which makes setting line styles work better.
  • A bug was corrected in the XDMF reader, where going through a time sequence a second time could cause read errors.
  • A bug was corrected in the ZeusMP HDF4 reader, where the mesh in 3D spherical coordinates is read incorrectly.
  • The CLI was missing the SendSimulationCommand function.
  • The NETCDF reader had trouble reading files with CF convention where mesh coordinates are given using longxy,latixy arrays.
  • The basic NETCDF reader was unable to read files containing a time dimension. In addition, the basic reader was modified to support using 1-D coordinate arrays, if available, instead of using indices as mesh coordinates. To be used, the coordinate arrays must be 1-D and have the same name as the dimension whose coordinate values they represent.
  • The Resample operator no longer creates artifacts when resampling AMR data.
  • The VTK writer (for export database) is now much more efficient in parallel.
  • The option for TACC systems in visit-install is now better represented in visit-install's help message.
  • Parallel communication code in the compute engine, which was related to libsim, has been fixed so that libsim once again works with parallel simulations.
  • VisIt now clears metadata in the metadata server and the compute engine prior to restoring session files. This prevents old metadata from affecting how the session file loads and ensures that transient variables are detected.
  • VisIt no longer erroneously places plots into the error state when restoring sessions as could happen when the Engine Chooser window was active.
  • VisIt's macro recording feature no longer cuts off recorded commands and 5000 characters.
  • The internal atomic support data tables had missing data which has now been populated.
  • The visualization window axes have improved support for 0-range data, also fixing an exception in some cases.
  • A problem tracking the primary variable, which could appear when using the Molecule plot, has been fixed.
  • The coordinates of Boxlib data have changed slightly. We believe this should not be noticeable to users and that the new version is more accurate. (We are now using integer arithmetic for "longer" when calculating positions.)
  • A bug with 2d logical mesh boundary info was corrected in the Miranda reader.
  • A bug was fixed reading cycle/time information from CGNS files.
  • A bug where build_visit inadvertently reported collisions between the user's enviornment variables and VisIt's make variables was corrected. Users should no longer have to specify VISIT_NOCKENV=1.