Release Notes for VisIt 2.12.3

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important enhancements and bug-fixes that were added to this release.

Bugs fixed in version 2.12.3

  • The Pick window wouldn't update the number of tabs displayed if picks were performed after changing the number of tabs, but before 'Apply' was clicked.
  • A bug was corrected with the reading of numpy files on Windows.
  • A bug was corrected with expressions involving multiple matvf functions using the same material name.
  • A bug was corrected with query-over-time where it would yield different results in certain instances than repeatedly changing the time state and querying the value. In particular, for Boundary plots or when an Isosurface operator were used.
  • The Silo plugin was modified to prevent the plugin from searching for the first non-empty sub-block on namescheme'd multi-block objects for which block-level empty objects were not written. As specified in previous release notes, such Silo files are considered invalid. Now, the Silo plugin will enforce this.
  • A bug was corrected with the ignore-missing-blocks logic in the Silo plugin that lead to potential mdserver crashes.
  • A bug was corrected with the Xdmf reader where the number of components in cell-centered attributes was incorrectly calculated in some instances.
  • A bug was corrected where data from a collection of VTK files grouped together with a visit file could not be clipped when the files contained PolyData and the first file had no cells or points.

Enhancements in version 2.12.3

  • The Parallel interactive pdebug host profile for Jadeita at Lawrence Livermore National Laboriatory was modified to set the number of nodes and the time limit.
  • The Parallel interactive pdebug host profile for Agate at Lawrence Livermore National Laboriatory was modified to set the time limit.
  • The ANSYS reader was improved support for more general kinds of NBLOCK format strings.
  • Host profiles were added for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboriatories' Rztopaz system.
  • The GUI performance was improved on databases with large numbers of variables. One of the effects of this change is that expressions which are normally automatically created by VisIt can be disabled. If this happens, you will be presented with a warning message that it has occurred and some actions you may take, if desired, to override it. We believe this will impact very few users.

Changes for VisIt developers in version 2.12.3

  • Build_visit was modified to no longer apply a patch to Python when using the Intel compiler since the patch is now included in the version of Python we are using.
  • Build_visit was modified to always set the rpath when building Python, not just when using the gcc compiler.

For any additional questions, send e-mail to visit-users [at] (VisIt Users).