Release Notes for VisIt 2.2.2

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important bug-fixes that were made to this release.

Bugs fixed in version 2.2.2

  • The EnSight database plugin detection logic for binary encoded data was improved.
  • VisIt's simV2 simulation instrumentation library was fixed so multiple successive calls to VisItDetectInput will no longer deadlock in certain circumstances.
  • VisIt's Min and Max queries no longer produce curves with invalid values when being used to generate a time curve.
  • Various HDF5 file readers are more aggressive about closing opened IDs and files.
  • The clean-zones-only material interface reconstruction option has been re-enabled in the GUI.
  • Corrected a bug that caused the DiscreteMIR algorithm to crash on some platforms.
  • Corrected a bug with the XRay Image query that caused it to crash when running in parallel with certain processor counts.
  • The Miranda database reader was modified to provide block offset information so that operations that involved global mesh indexes, such as the "Index Select" operator, functioned properly.
  • The default bank in the graph host profiles was changed from bdivp to views.
  • The VisIt launch script was modified to better distinguish between 32 and 64 bit systems on Mac OS X. It was being overly aggressive in selecting the 64 bit version.
  • Corrected a bug in the visit-install script setting file permissions when installing VisIt on Mac OS X.
  • The visit-install script was modified so that it only changes the bank in the host profiles if the user specifies a bank with the "-b" option on the command line.

Enhancements in version 2.2.2

  • The ParaDIS database reader now supports the new ParaDIS nodefiles and segment files, allowing it to run in parallel for vastly improved performance. It continues to support reading dumpfiles, but only in serial mode.
  • The limit on the number of sample points in the Volume plot window was increased.
  • The lata database reader contributed by Gauthier Fauchet and Benoit Mathieu of CEA has been added.