Release Notes for VisIt 2.7.2

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important bug-fixes that were made to this release.

Configuration changes in version 2.7.2

  • A launch profile was added to the host profile for LLNL's max system for using the pvis partition.
  • A launch profile was added to the host profile for LLNL's zin system for using the pvis partition.

Bugs fixed in version 2.7.2

  • Creating database correlations on Windows from the CLI, when databases are opened using relative paths, has been fixed.
  • Session files with time varying data can be restored via the CLI with different sources and have their time sliders work correctly.
  • An engine crash on Windows was fixed when cmfe expressions were passed an invalid filename.
  • A bug was fixed where a plot got put in perpetual 'pending' state when NamedSelections' 'Automatially apply updated selections' was checked before the selection had been applied to a plot.
  • VisIt's Annotation window has been fixed so that it is once again possible to select axis tick marks that are both inside and outside of the 3D bounding box.
  • The silent uninstall option on Windows (/S from command-line) now works again.
  • A problem with material selection in plots from files containing a mix of multi-block and single-block meshes at the same dir-level and also containing standard block grouping was corrected (ticket #866) .
  • The internallauncher was modified to correct a bug where the -N option was improperly set when using aprun to launch VisIt. Thanks Jean Favre for the fix.
  • The 2D and 3D zoom interactors once again unzoom the image when pressing the Ctrl key and the left mouse button.
  • Making movies with movie templates works again on Windows.
  • A small number of errors were fixed in the visit-install script. The "arl" and "asu" configurations are now supported with the "-c" option. The help text is now up-to-date and the configuration options are now listed in alphabetical order.
  • The ADIOS reader was fixed so that it now properly reads 3D uniform and rectilinear meshes.
  • A bug was fixed with a previous fix to the OnionPeel operater in VisIt 2.7.1 where it didn't properly handle the case where the seed cell was specified as a global cell number and material interface reconstruction was applied.
  • A bug with material indexing related to phony materials in the CaleHDF5 database reader was resolved.

Enhancements in version 2.7.2

  • The Cosmos++ reader has been extended so that accepts either combined or separate grid and data files. When static meshes are used, a single grid dump can now be provided, regardless of the number of data dumps.
  • Two new 2D quad mesh quality metrics (min_corner_area and min_sin_corner) were added.

Changes for VisIt developers in version 2.7.2

  • The build_visit script was modified to build MPICH 3.0.4 instead of 3.0.1 so that MPICH would build on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 systems.
  • The build_visit script was modified so that the MPICH library it builds is compatible with the Uintah library.
  • The build system was modified to add -DMPI_NO_CPPBIND and -DMPICH_SKIP_MPICXX to VISIT_PARALLEL_CFLAGS and VISIT_PARALLEL_CXXFLAGS so that the xdmf_writer sample programs could be built with more versions of MPI.

For any additional questions, send e-mail to visit-users [at] (VisIt Users).