Release Notes for VisIt 2.9.2

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important bug-fixes that were made to this release.

Bugs fixed in version 2.9.2

  • Libsim functions VisItSaveWindow, VisItExportDatabase, and newer functions for adding and managing plots were only functional in batch mode. This update fixes the affected functions so they are also functional when VisIt interactively connects to the simulation.
  • The Fortran bindings for Libsim have been corrected so that the visitsetupenv2 and visitgetenv functions are named appropriately.
  • Some small memory leaks in Libsim's batch mode have been corrected.
  • Plots which show polygonal data (such as Pseudocolor) were not showing the right data on the right cells for cell-centered fields for 2D datasets that contain line cells in addition to polygonal cells.
  • The image_pan parameters to the XRay Image query are no longer truncated to integer values.
  • The Label plot's display of logical indices was fixed for multi-block data with varying dimensions per block.
  • The IndexSelect operator's Wrap option will now work correctly for domain-decomposed data.

Enhancements in version 2.9.2

  • The graphical user interface for the XRay Image query was updated to use the new view description as well as support the background intensity parameter.
  • The XRay Image query was enhanced to also output the path length field when outputting in rawfloat or bov format. The intensities will be in the files output00.bov - outputXX.bov and the path lengths will be in the files outputYY.bov - outputZZ.bov, where XX is nBins-1, YY is nBins and ZZ is 2*nBins-1.
  • The XRay Image query was enhanced to support output file familying. When file familying is enabled the output files are named outputXXXX.YY.EXT, where XXXX is the family number, YY is the bin number, and EXT is the output file type extension. Furthermore, when file familying is enabled, the query will not overwrite existing files. When file familying is disabled, the output file outputYY.EXT will be overwritten each time the query is run, consistent with the previous behavior. File familying is controlled with the family_files setting to the query from the command line interface and with the Family output files setting in the graphical user interface. The default is for file familying to be disabled when using the command line interface and for file familying to be enabled when using the graphical user interface.
  • The XRay Image query was enhanced to support outputting the bounds of the ray bundle to a VTK file to aid in verification of the setup of the rays. The rays will be output to the file "ray_bounds.vtk". The setup can be verified by adding a Mesh plot of "mesh" from the file "ray_bounds.vtk" to the object to be xrayed. Outputting the bounds of the ray bundle is controlled with the output_ray_bounds setting to the query from the command line interface and with the Output ray bounds setting in the graphical user interface.
  • Added support for FELINESEG type in Tecplot plugin.
  • The command line interface no longer starts automatically when the file "visitrc" exists in the users ".visit" directory. The command line interface will now start on-demand when the user brings up the Macros window or the Macros window is posted or set to be visible on startup.
  • The Maintain view limits setting on the Advanced tab in the View window is now also saved when saving settings, not just when saving a session.

Changes for VisIt developers in version 2.9.2

  • Support was added for using the CUDA profiler. The CUDA profiler is enabled with the "-nvprof" command line option, for example, to launch the serial engine with the CUDA profiler use "visit -nvprof engine_ser".

For any additional questions, send e-mail to visit-users [at] (VisIt Users).