Graphical User Interface

VisIt has a powerful, yet easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI).

VisIt window

The VisIt graphical user interface consists of a main control panel and one or more visualization windows. The control panel consists of a file selection area, active plots area, and a notepad area for posting attribute windows.

Keyframing window

The Keyframing window is used to create sophisticated animations. In this simple example, pressure is shown at the first time state for 30 frames, followed by the time evolution of pressure for 70 frames.

Help window

The help window provides complete documentation on VisIt. The information can be accessed either through the table of contents or an index. It is also possible to bookmark frequently accessed portions of the document.

volume plot attributes
volume plot attributes

The volume plot attributes window (left) is a powerful tool for setting the volume transform function used to map field values to opacity and color. The window contains a color map and an opacity map editor. The image above shows the resulting image.

The Save movie wizard (below) simplifies the process of making complicated movies by allowing you to design and use movie templates. Movie templates consist of VisIt visualizations and special effects. Movie templates are created by mapping visualization sequences to movie viewports and then adding transition and compositing sequences. Movie templates can be saved for later use and can be used with different data files to create movies of suites of simulation runs.

save movie wizard
save movie wizard

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