Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Executables—This page contains versions of VisIt that you can download for Unix and Windows systems.

Source Code—This page contains the VisIt source code that you can download if you would like to build a version of VisIt for another system or to modify the source code.

Manuals—This page contains the user's manuals that are available, including a getting started manual and user's manual.

Data Files—This page contains links to interesting datasets that you can plot with VisIt.

If you use VisIt to generate images and/or movies please cite VisIt in your paper and the credits of your movie. Doing so helps us sustain funding for future improvements and on going maintenance. Please use the following acknowledgement and send us references to any publications, presentations, or successful funding applications that make use of DOE software.

VisIt is supported by the Department of Energy with funding from the Advanced Simulation and Computing Program and the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Program.