Release Notes for VisIt 2.12.2

Welcome to VisIt's release notes page. This page describes the important enhancements and bug-fixes that were added to this release.

Bugs fixed in version 2.12.2

  • A bug was corrected with the BOUT++ database reader, where holes in the mesh or other artifacts would appear when two adjacent radial rows in the mesh had the exact same zshift values.
  • A bug was corrected where VisIt would sometimes go into scalable rendering mode and then immediately go back out again, resulting in a blank image.
  • A memory leak was eliminated from the Radial Resample operator.
  • A bug was corrected in the Silo database reader where it would invalidate all the objects in the database when it encountered multi-block objects for which no block-level sub-objects exist. Although this problem is corrected, attempts to open any such poorly constructed Silo file can lead to unacceptable performance issues simply opening a file. Such Silo files are considered invalid.
  • A bug was corrected in the Silo database reader where fuzzy logic to match multi-vars to multi-meshes was getting inadvertently triggered even for multi-var objects that correctly specified their multi-mesh via the DBOPT_MMESH option.
  • The Silo database reader was modified to remove logic to skip empty single-block mesh and variable objects from getting added to database metadata to ensure the existence of such objects does not vary with time.

Enhancements in version 2.12.2

  • VisIt was ported to and installed on Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories' Rzgenie and Rztrona systems.
  • Host profiles were added for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboriatories' Ansel, Jadeita and Mica systems.
  • Host profiles were removed for the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories' Rzalastor, Rzcereal and Rzthriller systems, which were retired.
  • The SubdivideQuads operator is now included by default. It is located in the Geometry category in the Operators menu. The operator subdivides quadrilateral surface elements and is typically used to eliminate rendering artifacts that occur in some situations.
  • The custom lancher for LLNL's borax, quartz, rzgenie, rztrona, agate and jade systems was modified to add the paths to the MPI libraries to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH so that VisIt would launch in parallel even if the user didn't have the LD_LIBRARY_PATH set properly.
  • Support for point and cell data was added to the Radial Resample operator.

Changes for VisIt developers in version 2.12.2

  • Setting HAVE_LIBXXX for thirdparty libraries have been moved out of the root CMakeLists.txt file and into the SetUpThirdParty macro, except for the few that use a label other than HAVE_LIBXXX (like Nektar++ which uses HAVE_NEKTAR_PP, where the HAVE_ flag is set in the Find module instead.

For any additional questions, send e-mail to visit-users [at] (VisIt Users).