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Ensuring the Safety, Security, and Reliability of the Nuclear Deterrent

Livermore-designed all-optical probe dome is studded with outlets for fiber optical lines. The new diagnostic provided continuous photonic Doppler velocimetry data during a subscale integrated weapons experiment performed at the Laboratory's Contained Firing Facility in October 2011.WCI's team designed a diagnostic, called the all-optical probe dome, that is studded with outlets for fiber optical lines leading to recording instruments. It provides 60 channels of continuous PDV data, using both Livermore and National Security Technologies multiplexers, and an additional 12 channels provide exterior data. Mike Dunning, program director for Livermore's Primary Nuclear Design, says, "The all-optical probe dome provides continuous data versus snapshots—akin to replacing 10 snapshots of a horse race with a full movie. We have much more detailed information about the response of the metal. This hydrotest featured the most PDV channels ever used at the Laboratory." [Go to the S&TR article about the all-optical probe dome.]

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Weapons and Complex Integration (WCI) works to establish a science-based understanding of nuclear weapons performance and assesses the safety, security, and reliability of the stockpile each year. WCI integrates its science, technology, and engineering services and its facilities with the work and facilities at other laboratories within the NNSA Complex... [More About Us]


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