Contained Firing Facility

The Contained Firing Facility at Site 300 is a containment chamber with a unique combination of capabilities including laser velocimetry, wide-angle flash radiography, pin-dome measurements, and high-speed photography. "Core punch" flash radiography experiments in LLNL's flash x-ray (FXR) facility play a crucial role in understanding the performance of nuclear weapons. This suite of diagnostics, coupled with the capacity to handle large-scale experiments with full containment of hazardous materials, combines capabilities available nowhere else. Managed by WCI's Weapon Physics and Design Program, the Contained Firing Facility is a key component of NNSA's national hydrotest strategy.


CFF's Containment Chamber

It can handle up to 60 kg of high explosives and fully contain hazardous materials such as beryllium.


CFF's Flash X-Ray (FXR)

The FXR machine is the only wide-angle penetrating radiography accelerator in the NNSA complex.

The integration of these unique facilities, technical capabilities, and scientific expertise enables the NNSA to continue fulfilling its national security missions well into the future.


Contained Firing Facility

CFF is now the largest indoor firing facility in the world.


Site 300

Site 300 is located in the hills 17 miles east of the LLNL main site.