VisIt Manuals


  • VisIt User Manual —This document describes how to use the VisIt Graphical User Interface (GUI). It covers in detail all the controls available from the VisIt GUI, including such topics as working with files, plots, operators, saving and printing, visualization windows, quantitative analysis, making it pretty, animation and keyframing, interactive tools, multiple databases and windows, and remote visualization.

  • VisIt Python Interface Manual —This document describes how to use the VisIt Python Interface. It covers in detail all of the functions and objects provide by the VisIt Python Interface and also gives some background on scripting with Python and common patterns that can be used when creating scripts for VisIt.

  • VisIt Tutorials —This document contains a series of hands on tutorials that expose the user to the features in VisIt. The first three tutorials form a good basis for using VisIt, including the basics of using the GUI, performing data analysis and using the VisIt Python Interface to script and automate tasks. After that are a series of tutorials that cover advanced topics in detail.

  • Getting Data Into VisIt (3.61 MB pdf) Example source code (50 KB tar.gz)—This document describes how to get data into VisIt using three different approaches: (1) writing data files that VisIt can read, (2) creating a database reader plug-in, and (3) instrumenting a simulation code to talk directly to VisIt so no files need to be written. This manual covers in detail most aspects of the three approaches to getting data into VisIt and also provides complete working source code examples.

Other Resources

  •—The community of VisIt users has created a wiki at The wiki contains up to date information about VisIt not found at any other source, including valuable developer documentation and user documentation contributed by VisIt users just like you.